Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 81: I'm Actually Good at Basketball

Bro....... So today at basketball I was such a beast draining shots left and right. I don't know where this came from. Me and Skog were on a team so you already know how lit we were haha. Well I didn't even wear any ankle braces today and I was more of a beast. I'm sure dad would be proud. 😂 I miss Elder Hon. I hope I get transferred near him.

Well I don't have too much to talk about this week other than we are trying to find people to teach so we can stay busy. Nothing seems to be working, I live in a highly populated Muslim area. So usually they aren't willing to listen to me haha. But we have found a tiny bit of success from our members by testifying of this work and begging for referrals haha. Well we will be having a baptism this Saturday for Brother Samuel Kumi. He is so awesome and we are excited for him! The next goal is to baptize his wife who doesn't speak a lot of English and their 10 year old son. So that will be our next priority. Please pray that we can have the gift of tongues and that these people can progress toward baptism.

I was really touched when my recent convert Sister Hawah bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting and testifying of the power of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Missionary work has been a lot easier for me knowing that people will get baptized as soon as they open this book and read it because it has power. These 2 events led her to be baptized and she thanked me even though it wasn't all me but more the Holy Ghost. It was just a good feeling, a reassuring feeling that I am doing my job well and I'm grateful for that.

Lol so many times this week I have been popular among the kids. Every day I am out working and a kid will run up to me and give me a hug... Yeah just a random kid. Is this not the most cutest thing in the world? No matter how much of an angry person you are if this happens to you it makes your day. I thought a lot about how it is happening a lot more lately. I feel like this is a friendly reminder that I am to serve these people to the fullest. Ghana is a wonderful place with wonderful people I am lucky to be here I can say.

Sorry no pictures this week....it's a long story.

**Sorry for the late post-Girl's Camp! 😊

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