Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 28: Yooooo! An Athesist in Ghana? Yeah Found One...

Elder Skog and I in front of the temple

Yo everyone!
Man this week has been a very good week I would say. You know besides the fact that 2 of the elders are sick in our apartment (with colds) and that light off has been coming a ton more. But other than that is has been great. It has been very cool because of the rain and now there is a Pizza Hut near my area. Who knew this would ever happen? Well had some today and let me tell you it reminds me of home. I guess this is the first pizza I have had here that isn't fake haha.

Well currently I would say that we are having a hard time working with the members as much as we would like to. Everyone knows that missionary work is a lot easier when the members are willing to help you out. But let’s just say last week we had to kinda go back and start knocking doors again even though there are better ways. We didn't even do that much of it and still found a ton of people to teach. So you have to rely on your own finding efforts sometimes.

So this week a couple of cool things happened that I was not expecting, well actually 3. So the first thing that happened is that I sat down with a Roman Catholic Priest. We talked about interesting things that are Bible related. Something that came up was the Apocrypha. Now I’m glad I knew what this was or this guy would just finish me. But I had to explain to him that it isn't in our Bible but the church says that you can read and learn from it. We just don't teach from it because it isn’t in the regular cannon of scripture. But honestly, now i really want to read it! OK number 2. So like 5 people died this weekend. There was a big funeral and one person who died was from Oda (my last area) and I didn’t really think that I would see any of the members from my last branch. But I did--- maybe about 4 or 5. I was so surprised that I still knew their names and that they recognized me. They still call me Obolo. But they told me that I am a lot skinnier now than I used to be in Oda. So this event alone made my week. This was so cool. OK so the 3rd and final event-- You know how Ghana is like in the top 3 for most religious countries or something like that? Well guess what? I found an Atheist guy. You better believe I’m going to teach him. Here’s why. If you read characteristics of a prepared individual, they recognize something wrong about a bunch of churches/society. He kinda thinks all these churches here are silly and fake. He told us straight up. He asked if our church did anything like that. So I just explained how our service goes and I think he liked it for the most part. We will see! Wish me luck!

On Wednesday, we decided that we needed to go out to these villages that we have never seen before and just looking on our area map I was kinda sketched out about this. About 20 minutes into riding our bikes on this long road in the middle of nowhere my front tire pops...The struggle is real. So shamefully, we had to walk another 45 minutes to this village. But thank goodness we have nice members out there or I would have had to walk all the way back. He showed us to a bike repair shop and I got my bike fixed.
After my tire blew

Well, this is pretty much my week! I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been! Thanks for all the support!

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