Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 25: Good Week, Mother's Day Skype, and Two Wrecks!

Mother's Day Skype!
Well I’ve got to say that this week has probably been the best iI have had in this area! Literally, we had no light off. Maybe it is a Mother's Day miracle? But anyways, speaking of a Mother’s Day miracle, I got to Skype home! I literally was expecting the worst, but didn't want to talk through a phone again. But my companion and I went through so much crap to get a laptop. Once we got one to use, then we just went over to the Nsawam Chapel to use the WiFi. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. I am a happy camper! (Shout out to Elder Hon). I like these days when elders are talking to their families because that means I can too haha. I talked to some of Lewis-Reese's family and friends and I even talked to Elder Skog's mom. (Shout out to her. She is cool). But I want to wish any mom that reads this a happy late Mother’s Day!
Being Goofy

Part of my MTC District

Guess what? This week I got into a wreck, make that 2! No of course I am not the one driving. But I guess I was just in the car when it happened. The first being on our way to District Council Meeting and the second being on our way home from the mall today. haha If only the people knew how to drive here...

Elder Ferrin and I

Elder Hunt and I

Well I guess I will start with our transfer news! lol It’s nothing too exciting. Literally, we are all staying except Nsawam is splitting into 2 districts! Finally! Well, that means a new district leader has to be called for both districts. Our new district leader is Elder Koetting. He is a great missionary. Well, this will be the first time in my mission that I won’t be companions with a district leader lol. It took about 6 months to do it, but oh well. I think Prez might be going crazy haha, lol jk. But this week when we were at the mission tour he said that all junior companions are senior companions now. Maybe he did this because he sees that junior companions are taking a step back and making the senior do all the work, so he changed it. So right now I am senior co-equal with Lewis-Reese who has been out for 20 months. I may even be his last companion. I am the second companion he has had that he has been with for more than 1 transfer and the last time he had that was in his training. So I might be with him the longest time on his mission. Especially because President pretty much told us we will be in our areas for a long time.
Steak--- I Can Cook!

Other than those things, I don't think there is anything else to talk about besides the fact that President does not want us to knock doors anymore. He really wants to put the focus on members and let them do the work. Pretty much we set up companionships consisting of recent converts and members and we assign them to some of our investigators and we want them to go teach our investigators for us while giving them commitments and stuff. It is a really good idea. Hopefully it works. Who knows?

Well, this is pretty much it. Sorry for the lame letter this week! It has been a pretty lame week!

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