Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 11: Baptism Delayed but 4 Serious Investigators!

Dear all,

"Kwame Obolo is chief of latter day saints" - Samuel (a less active)

Man this week flew by really fast! On Wednesday, I went to Asamankese to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Asamankese apartment is not as good as ours. I am grateful for the one I am staying in right now. We have a pretty nice one. Well their area looks a lot like Oda. It's just that we have a lot more bush around us. That's about it haha. This week I got a call from the AP's, and they said that somebody wanted to get a hold of me.  At this point I was terrified because I don't think I did anything wrong.  But at first we were over a conference call with
the AP's and the mystery man. The mystery man told the AP's just to give them my number, so that was a little strange at first. So I got another call and the mystery man started making fun of my name and then asked about the other people in my MTC District.  At this point I was done. I was about to hang up when i figured out it was Elder Lambson from my MTC.  He just started laughing because of how confused and angry I got. He just wanted to call to say that he misses me but he went through all that trouble just to get my number haha. So now we talk like very other day.

I went on exchange with Elder Hunt because the light was off Monday and we needed to email. The day was okay I guess. We had an appointment with our guy Edward. When we got to his house he wasn't there so we gave him a call. He said that he has traveled and won't be back until Monday. I was really sad because that means we have to push his baptismal date back. Nothiing really went as planned--- just did a bunch of contacting. The only thing that went as planned was seeing this recent convert named Morrisson. He is a super cool dude and he is the manager of the water company here in Oda. I told him that he should give us water for free because we are his
friends and he just laughed .
The River Brim

We had district council meeting. Elder Ferrin taught us about the golden circle. It's like a marketing thing, and he applied it to teaching lessons. So it was something new I guess you could say. After DCM we went on a tro tro to get to Asamankese. It was a really packed and bumpy hour long ride. We didn't proselyte for very long because we had to be at the church at 5 pm for our coordination meeting and for midweek (church I guess). I went on exchanges with Elder McConkie. He is our new zone leader. He is a really cool guy and really knowledgeable and has a really good sense of humor.

ThursdayI woke up at 6:30 as normal. I slept really well because I stole the Zone Leader's bed and made him sleep on the floor---just kidding. He told me to sleep on his bed and he slept on some foam mattresses. I had some Red Red for breakfast, That's like beans and plantain and other stuff. You will just have to look it up. I had an interesting companionship study. I was reading in Moses so we talked about transfiguration and stuff. It was a good talk. While we were with the Zone Leaders we talked about our new mission goals which is pretty much work a lot
with the members. We teach the members the lessons and they teach their friends. They need to understand that we need help and can't do everything on my own. I talked with Elder Latham for a while. He is a cool guy. I got on a tro tro to come back to Oda, This one was even more crowded and me and Elder Ferrin had to squish in the back. It was not pretty. When we got back we took lunch with the other apartment, then went to our area and worked. At 8:30 we went to the other apartment to play a game.
The Lathams
Elder Ferrin and the Zone Leaders
Chi! You know its hot in Ghana when you get a brain freeze drinking cold water out of a fridge. I got proposed to today by a random girl haha. I was not expecting that at all. The other elders we were with were just dying laughing. We have 4 serious investigators now.

Today we got a late start to the day because we looked into the area book. We noticed that on a lot of the baptismal records there was a name of a person on multiple records as a fellowshipper so we got in contact with him and he said he was willing to help us so that's chill

We got invited to sit in a meeting with these big chiefs and small chiefs of Oda. So we went to that. We had 2 FM's then taught a couple of lessons. That's pretty much it

We went 3-2 today in basketball so not as good as last week but we are chillin about to go to market and pick up a couple of things then go to the other apartment.

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