Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 10: English is Going to Crap, Broke, Ball is Life, and Lights Out

"I eat, sleep, and poop English.  How are you going to tell me my English sucks?" - Elder Ferrin

Hello all,

So this week has been different.  I got a new companion midway through my training which means I have to introduce him to my area.  Let's just say I don't know my area as well as I thought. I guess we are learning together. This was good for me because I felt like it made me grow up a little bit because for right now I'm a leader. I got an email from President today and it said that I was doing a great job and that I was to keep up the good work and explained to me that he had faith in me to show Elder Ferrin the area. I think after I'm done training, I will be transferred out of this area.  But I did let President know I want to be in the bush for as long as I can. There is a saying here though "once in the bush always in the bush."  So we will see what happens.  This transfer is a 4 week transfer (normally transfers are 6 weeks apart).  So I might leave! I hope I don't move to the city though because I will spend too much and go broke.  Man, missionary life is too hard lol. I taught Elder Hunt how to send picture so he will send some today which will be good for his mom, I bet she is really worried (Mom sent some to Elder Hunt's mom so she wouldn't worry as much). I didn't know he didn't know how to send them. 

Let me say: ball is life!  Me and elder Wiscombe and Elder hunt were playing basketball on a team against 3 black people.  I feel so accomplished in life right now. So far as a team our record is 3-1 but we barely lost that game.

In 4 games I went 5-7 for 3 pointers and 18-25 for 2 pointers and we were all ballin', I can definitely move a lot faster than I could when I was back home.

FHE at the Branch President's Home

I said goodbye to my 1st companion.  I guess it was kinda sad but he was excited to leave the area and I was anxious to meet a new companion. I went on an exchange with Elder Wiscombe.  We had a lot of fun. He has been on mission for 5 months.  He is from Utah. We worked hard then got distracted when we saw a Foosball table outside a bar.  So we stopped and played a game for 20 peswes. This area is doing better.  It's still hard to find a serious person right now, But we meet someone new every day and its hard to keep up. I hope me and Elder Ferrin can come together and figure out what we need to do to get this area going, It hasn't been up in a while. 

So my companion was with this one elder and he chipped a tooth and is at a dentist. So they won't get here until night. I have to go on an overnight exchange with the other guys because I can't be alone.

Me and Elder Randall went to my area. The other elders enjoy coming to my area. I don't know why but every exchange I have been on they come to mine. We had a little problem---There was a baptism at the chapel at 6. When we got there, there was nobody in sight.  So I was a little confused, and then I learned that the other elders locked the keys in the chapel. We had to wait until the branch president could get there to unlock. They got mad at us because apparently we were supposed to fill up the font. I told them that I promise I never got that assignment. We just were told to come. Then Elder Ferrin got there. I was able to meet him. He is super cool. He is from Lindon, Utah and goes home in August. A member fed us out of nowhere. We were expecting to go buy food but I guess not. We are really grateful.

The day went by pretty fast. Me and Elder Ferrin had fun as our first day together, but not too much because that would distract us from our purpose as missionaries. Elder Ferrin is a great missionary and I will definitely look up to him. He is very knowledgeable in the Bible and that is something I need to work on. He is really good because he can speak Twi and most people in our area don't speak much English. I really hope my packages come soon. I really miss America.

We went to a member today and asked for referrals. We received like 5 or 6. We met with this less active guy. I had another fail moment. The Ghana ground sucks. I stepped on this concrete thing and totally fell and smashed my knee on the concrete and I was in pain. I walked it off. I watched a couple of church movies. Me and Elder Ferrin had to take a bathroom break. But I figured out that the other elders had the keys. So we had to run to the nearest member with a toilet... another fail moment.

We saw some crazy things and talked to some crazy people. We went by the river Brim. We almost kidnapped a kid. A little kid ran up to us and not even thinking about it me and Elder Ferrin held hands with him and took him with us. Next thing we know little kids were chasing us saying his mother was calling him. Elder Ferrin and I have figured out that Saturday is less active day where we go around to every less active we know and remind them about church. We are trying to figure out how Elder Ferrin is teaching so we can teach together better.

We went to church. We were able to attend branch council meeting and talk about home teaching and bring up sharing the gospel class. So we are starting up those things again here because they are super important.Then they gave us some free food---some jollof and salad. Then for dinner we had rice and stew with chicken. That was a free meal. We had an investigator and 3 three less actives at church today. So I'm happy. I put on my suit jacket and I have lost plenty of weight.

lights out
ball is life
played bang
normal p-day stuff

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