Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 7: Light Exploded, Violence, Mad Men and More!

Hello everyone!

It’s a new year! This week has been really successful. All the prayers have been working this week. We set the mission goal for most referrals contacted at 21! It’s amazing what you can do with members! So experiences we had this week were interesting. We saw a man half in the gutter and half on the road sleeping (probably mad). We saw a man wearing a bra (probably mad). Also, when we turned on our light it exploded and it started to smell weird so that was interesting. We witnessed a drunk man almost throw a rock at a woman selling fruit....weird. We went to where all the Muslims live. That was very interesting because I thought they would hate us but nah we were chilling. This week we had 2 investigators and 1 less active attend church. So that was awesome!

Christmas Secret Santa Exchange

Quote of the Week: “I swear Ghanains have social skills of a rhino.” -Elder Bloomfield


Today went well overall. I didn't end up going on an exchange; Elder Hunt did. Today a member went to work with us All day he goes back to school. Later this month, he is 17 years old so we are going to try to use him as much as possible before he goes back to school. We started watching a movie called “The Best 2 Years” after we got home for the day. That movie is super funny and it totally made my day! Unfortunately, we are out of water for I don’t know how long. I hope the city fills us up soon. 

Area by Apartment


Today wasn't as good as yesterday. We had DCM and then tried to go get some pictures printed. Literally, it took like an hour to get 4 printed... boom half the day gone. We then decided just to take lunch. We have to resort to pure water showers which is just 500 ml of water in these packet things. I used about 5. It honestly isn't the same. Tonight at our meeting it was the first time our branch mission leader showed up on time so that’s good.

Mission Area


Literally, the 31st is more of a religious holiday than Christmas here in Ghana. Like all the shops close down and they go to Passover or something.  Today we went contacting or in Elder Bloomfield’s words “exploring in a place called Zongo.”  It is where all of the Muslims live. We also saw the river in Oda.


Today most our appointments fell through. We even had a movie night fall through. So we just went to less actives and told them to come to church. During our weekly planning, we looked into our area book and tried to contact some people. Half the numbers I tried to call were out of service so we needed to clean this out.

Elder and Sister Curtis (First Quorum of the Seventy) Visited
Temple Trip with Elder Hunt
Favorite Kid


Today we took a member with us again. We even bought him lunch too. I guess it pays to go out with the missionaries haha. Today I felt the most energetic i have in a long time. I have no idea what it was. I wore sandals for the first time today and literally was the best thing in the world. I will definitely start wearing them more. The dust in the air is wearing off. So I got a little bit of a sunburn today, and it also doesn't help that our meds make our skin more sensitive. Today was the hottest it has been since I have been here AND I COULDN’T EVEN STAY DRY all day not even when we were in the house.


Fast Sunday is hard for us because you have to like drink water or you will die. So it's not the same to me. Today we met some people and had a free meal so I’m happy because more money for me haha. We met a 23 year old that was smaller than my 11 year old brother . I was so confused when he told me he was 23. I’m  like twice the size of every Ghanaian here.

The library guy was rushing me so this is all simplified.


I'm so grateful for pictures this week!  :-)  Thanks to all of you for your continued support and prayers. 

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Jim Argiro said...

When a movie night falls through you know things have taken a nasty turn.

May God continue to bless your mission.