Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 6: Christmas (or not), Still No Pics, and Prayers

Your prayers and emails are helping him.  He appreciates your support and he feels it all the way across the world. He knows that your prayers are working because he feels that "there is nothing that [he] can't do."  The only request that he has is that we pray for serious people to teach.  He is fully aware that many other missions are more difficult than his.  However, he wants to teach and help the people of Ghana come unto Christ and desire to make covenants with Him.  In our household, we'll be praying that Elder McFarland can find those who the Lord has prepared for the message.  


Week number 3 in Akim Oda was a success! 

So many great things happened this week.  I am so glad that I got to talk to my family on the phone. although I wish that Skype would have worked-- too bad of a connection. I am surprised about how fast I got used to things. This week was one of the coolest weeks since I have been here. (temperature wise).  We had a pretty good week considering we were all excited for Christmas. It didn't really feel like Christmas here in Ghana.  It is different from America--nobody does the traditional lights and Christmas tree but we tried as hard as we could to bring the Christmas spirit. We bought a Christmas tree and even went Christmas caroling.  Overall this week was a good week.

This morning was the first morning i puked since I have been on my mission but it was only because I took my Doxy on an empty stomach. But today went by slow because I was feeling sorry for myself.  I felt really weak.  I don't know what it was. Today we got our house fumigated which helps me sleep a little better because no bugs. I saw a huge spider outside on our porch.  I got super scared and almost cried.  I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. We shot off these lantern things that kinda resemble hot air balloons.

Today we had a District Council Meeting. I had the great opportunity to give a spiritual thought. It was supposed to take like 5 minutes but we ended up talking about faith for like 15 minutes. Nothing else really cool happened today besides the fact that I played ping pong with kids and they laughed because I was so bad. I'm nervous for exchanges (going out with another missionary that isn't your typical companion) tomorrow. 

Christmas Eve! We are all so excited! Today was exchanges.  I wasn't expecting to be leading the way in my area. I think I did pretty well considering I have been here for 3 weeks. I think we had a really good day. Elder Perry came along with me and we really felt the Spirit so strong. At lunch we were able to talk about each other and become really close and I think that is important if you are living together.

Today was Christmas! It didn't really feel like Christmas just because I am used to being with family and stuff. I don't think half the people here know why we celebrate Christmas. The past couple days we talked about Christmas and stuff so I think it helped a lot of people. We literally were chilling together. It was fun. Elder Hunt gave me a tie for Christmas and put his favorite scriptures on the back---it was awesome.  So glad I got to call home.  It really helped me.

First thing this morning we had to get ready and go return the laptop a member let us borrow that was supposed to be used for Skype. Unfortunately we weren't able to. Today there was a baptism and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, which was kinda on the spot. But I am surprised about how well I did. I guess teaching by the Spirit really works, It makes me sad that other missionaries are getting to baptize but we aren't.  We are having a hard time finding serious people. We brought some of our recent converts some gifts for Christmas. They were so happy. I love seeing the happiness that us missionaries bring to the people here.

Today was a good day. I received my first package. Elder Curtis (of the Seventy) came to our branch in Oda. He and his wife are such cool people. We got to meet with him and introduce ourselves a little. He was excited about seeing the new missionaries so happy. He gave a talk about Jesus Christ (the first talk I understood in Sacrament Meeting). I also played a game of futbol with the kids.  I couldn't go too hard because I was in church clothes. But it's okay. We tied 3-3.  We had rice and stew at a member's house. I enjoyed the little Taco Bell note (I sent a little message with Taco Bell sauce packets) that was in my package but please send more of those :)  

No pictures again due to virus invested computers

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