Friday, November 27, 2015

Week 2: Settling In

Mission Vehicle--he wishes!!

[I asked him if he had heard about a new mission president because of the passing of the current mission president's wife.] 

Our new mission president is President Snow for the time being.  I'm pretty sure he has served there before. 

Elder Bawden and I have committed 2 people to baptism this week. But right now we are teaching an Agnostic person and it is quite difficult. But we are hanging in there. 

It's crazy how much laundry we go through in a week.  We have to do 3 different loads.

Elder Bawden and I also got the opportunity this week to give a sister in our district a blessing, 

We went to the temple and it was so different than the Dallas Temple, They have a different floor for missionaries.

I still haven't even had one cup of chocolate milk---just water. 

Yesterday for Thanksgiving we did a service project and we prepared 359,000 meals--- a new record from the MTC. 

Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to speak with us yesterday, 

We received the flight plans to Ghana.  The plane leaves in the middle of the night and we fly from here to Atlanta, then Atlanta to JFK, then to Ghana. I think we will be traveling for at least 24 hours.

Here I am getting my beginning Malaria medicine.  It is very serious. If you miss a day, you're done. It literally costs 3 dollars a pill!

 One last thing-- My Branch President told me to tell you guys that I am awesome and that I'll be just fine in Africa.

Provo Temple Trip
(Happy to see that they are a little silly)


Melissa B said...

What a great example you are Elder Mcfarland!

Melissa B said...

What a great example you are Elder Mcfarland!