Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 91- Last Stop- Iron City!

Well I got transfer news! I'm excited to say I will be leaving to my final area to be with my last companion! I'll be transferred to Kasoa 3rd Ward. From what people are telling me, it's a good area to go to serve, I'll be the district leader there. I'm going to miss Alajo and all my investigators and the members here! It's been real. I have spent a long time here and it's time to go. 

My District

Well let me start out with the best event this week, Elder and Sister Renlund came to address the mission. Tuesday was a great day in general. I got to see a lot of people and we listened to an apostle. Well, Sister Renlund got up and she talked about faith and how our faith can never change God's will for us or others and also how faith cannot take away anyone's agency. She also talked about how we can find joy in everything if our faith is bright. We can have faith and be happy even when we are going through hard times. It was awesome. It was very brief, simple, and very powerful. Elder Renlund told a story about him being somewhere in Africa and how it was very hot and miserable and all he thought about was how he should be home and wasn't focusing on the positive things. They were driving in a car and they got to the top of this hill and he sees something that is so magnificent. There was a little river at the bottom of the hill and he saw these elephants holding the tail of the elephant in front and they all helped each other cross. Then his wife nudged him asking him if he forgot about how hot it was. When I first came on mission I was always focused on the elephants and near the end it's always easy to look past the elephants to complain about the no light and no water problem we have. When we align our will with God's will we will find the elephants. We were given three main messages 1) Heavenly Father needs us. 2) I was sent to Ghana Accra West Mission for a reason 3) For sure President and Sister Simpson are called of God! When I'm with President and Sister Simpson I desire to be better and they radiate with the Spirit! It was a good day. We even got to tour the new MTC that place is nicer than Provo! These people are lucky!

My Favorite Food-- Wakye
MTC Squad

Well on Wednesday we had a little district get together and we played ping-pong and some card games as a district. It was the last time we were all going to be together so we had to have a little fun!

Thursday I was in Tesano and that day was filled of lots of unfortunate events. Well first of all I got stuck in their bathroom, not once, but twice! You would think I would learn my lesson the first time but nah I'm dumb. But yeah I almost died. It was the first time I biked in like over a year and the roads are busy and stuff so it was rough. I'm so out of shape it was just a very unfortunate day. Well I actually figured out my transfer news on Thursday because I was with President.

Eating Berkina with Tesano Elders

Did I mention that this apartment finally got a water tank and a water pump? So finally we can use our water filter and take meaningful showers! Too bad I'm leaving this area so I can't really enjoy it like I wanted to but all that matters is the next missionaries will enjoy.

Friday night I went to eternal marriage class and then met up for the exchange for Akweteman. Elder Randall wanted pizza so I'm like cool I'll go with him but I can't buy any cuz money is tight. Well long story short he bought some for me and everything was normal, or as we thought. We both wake up in the middle of the night with food poisoning. I handled it a little better than him. But yeah we didn't end up going out to proselyting until 2:30. It was rough, but everything was well.

Well Sunday was full of the Spirit. We had a missionary devotional at Newtown Ward where missionaries were asked to prepare talks on how being on mission has strengthened our faith in Jesus Christ. I was on a really good winning streak against crying. Last time I cried was like a year ago. What destroyed me was when Sister Tarue from my district gets up before me to share her talk and says how I have been a big influence to her as her district leader. So I was already crying before I got up. But if you want to know what she said, hit me up when I get home.

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