Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 20: Another Area- Another Dollar, Enjoying the Perks of the City, Generator When Lights Are Off, and the Mall

Questions Answered:

1.     I am assuming that you had usual church yesterday because you do not get conference live, right?

Yes. Missionaries in Accra got to watch it live. We will get DVDs sometime.

2.     How are you feeling?

Better. I know what was making me sick, that roadside meat I was having. Me and Ferrin were talking on the phone and yeah we figured out that is what it was...

3.     How are your hands?

My hands are okay. But it is leaving a scarring.

4.     How's it going in your new area?  Tell us all about who you are teaching.

My new area is pretty much like Oda in a way. It’s also great because we get some benefits of the city, like Dr. Pepper and stuff. So the zone I was in before had different rules like for instance no teaching without a member. But in this place it isn't being enforced. I guess because there is more English. When we were contacting we found this really serious woman. So we are working on her. Right now the Branch is making a big deal out of less actives so that is what we are doing.

5.     How is it going with your new companion?

Everything is good. I get along with people just fine.

6.     Did you get a hat??  

When we were at the mall I tried to find one that fit. But I couldn't. I’ll have to go to the Nsawam Market.

7.     Are you able to go to the mall?

Yes. We ate at KFC lol. It was nice, but it is definitely different than back home. Also we all pitched in and bought Risk for 50 Cedis.

8.     Do you live in the apartment alone as a companionship or are there other elders living with you?

No we are a 4 man apartment. My companion and I have a giant room. But our kitchen and dining rooms are very small. The neighbors are members of the church and we are just renting the place and by the way we have a generator and stuff so we will enjoy.

9.     How much did it cost to get you to the new area with all your stuff on the trotro? How long did it take you to get to your new area?

A little more than 50 Cedis and a little over 2 hours.

10.   When is your next Zone Conference?  Do you see the mission president when you have Zone Conference?

I have no clue and neither does everyone else. But yes the mission president should be there.


First of all, I want to say that it was really hard getting to this area! I have so much crap! The trip was long and I was squished in the back of a trotro with a fear that my stuff was going to fall out of the back of the trotro. Man the struggle. Pretty much I am 30 minutes away from a mall where I can enjoy on Mondays and treat myself to American things haha. But I didn't realize how much of a city Oda was until coming out to here. But I guess it is kinda similar. I live in a nice apartment and I am enjoying a huge room and my own bathroom. What I really feel bad about is the other 2 elders in my apartment who are whitewashing their area! Meaning that they took two out and put 2 new ones there. I’m glad that’s not me.

But my companion is so cool. I have been getting lucky with my companions. Plus I have noticed something-- all 3 of my companions have been district leaders haha. I don't think this is a coincidence, but that’s just me. Our district consists of 8 and 3 of us are gingers??? What the heck? Remember a couple weeks back where I was talking about being the alpha ginger in the mission. Yeah the close second place is in my district. Would I be lying if I said we didn't wrestle? Haha yes.

So another thing I have to started doing again is hand washing my clothes. Man this will take plenty of my time away... The other day it took me 2 hours to wash my whites. So honestly I might think about wearing clothes more than once. or? haha jk that's gross. But yeah just have to figure out how to start doing that again. I don't know how Ghanaians do it. It is really tiring and time consuming, especially when you have a ton of clothes like me. But then again I was at the mall today and let me tell you washers are really expensive like 3,000 Cedis for one. I guess that’s why they do it themselves.

Something I have been doing a lot this week is cooking for myself. I have gotten very sick twice in 4 months already and I’m not one to get sick. So I’m a little sketched out with all the roadside stuff they have here. One thing I have also been doing this week is eating a bunch of fruit. I didn't realize how good it was here, haha. I don't even think it is any different here. I just didn't eat it back home at all oops.

Oh a struggle about this place is that there is plenty of hills and of course we have bikes that work....well kinda. My gears don't work on my bike and my seat is half broken haha, I guess I was the last person out the door when it came to picking bikes. But literally mine sucks. So I try to change gears? Nope. My chain doesn't want to change to a lower gear. So literally I’m struggling to get up these hills here and I am just exhausted. I need to get these things fixed. My legs feel like jello after 5 minutes of riding.

We met with the Branch President on Wednesday and you won’t believe this. He is the family that is on the front of the Ghana restoration pamphlets. Yes they are different from the ones in America but all of you check it out sometime haha. He called this branch the swag branch. This branch president is so cool and he is so happy to help the missionaries do stuff. His focus is on less actives because apparently there are plenty of them here so yeah, he will do anything to help us bring those people back to the church. Our church attendance is sitting at an average 130 a week. Heck that is better than some wards in Accra. It is just a struggle for the branch because they don't have very many men. We only have 1 counselor in the presidency and young men’s presidency is only the president. There is some help that is needed. But yeah that's just a little bit about the branch.

But lastly, I want to say that I really enjoyed going to the mall and having KFC. It was good to get out of the heat and get a little bit of taste of America, And by the way a Pizza Hut is about to open there too. I am so excited haha.

I am so excited to serve in this area. There are a lot of great people here i just have to learn the area which is going to be hard for me. But hopefully I will be able to do it fast. But thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers. I can really see them working in my life.


No new pictures this week.  But, I added a couple of my favorites!  Good to hear that he's feeling better!

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