Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 18: Moist Week (My Mom's Favorite Word!)

Last week I didn't have very much time. So I just sent a bunch of pictures home. As you all may know. Elder Rasband from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came and spoke to us. What an opportunity it is to shake hands and meet an apostle and the President of the Area. Not going to lie. I was a little nervous. I don't know why, haha I haven't done anything to get me in trouble or anything but it’s an apostle. Not many people get the chance I did this week. As soon as Elder Rasband entered the room with his wife,  the whole room filled with the Spirit. What came next was the meeting. What was cool was that when I met Elder Curtis (my homie) for the second time, he didn't even look at my tag and remembered my name and told me that it was nice to meet again . I was like wow, but anyway I will give a little bit of background about who spoke and stuff.
They started the program. We sang a song then they called on 1 elder or sister from each of the mission. So from our mission Sister Talah bore her testimony and by the way she was in her training. Her and her companion have been having miraculous success. Then this elder spoke from the other mission who looked like he was like 5 weeks in or he just was enjoying in the city. hahah us Bushonaries have it rough. But anyway I’m having too many ADHD moments. 
Elder Rasband's talk was so powerful and it was kinda based on the talk 'The Divine Calling of a Missionary.’ He retold the story of him with President Eyring. and bore powerful testimony that each missionary is called to a place for a certain reason. What was interesting is he said that they really focus on where the missionary would finish their mission and I thought that was pretty interesting and said that anything that happens with you is because there is a person with the priesthood keys to put you in the mission, in an area, and with your companion. Everything is done with the keys and for a distinct reason. I just thought that was interesting. He said to respect the leaders and the companions because everything is done because you need it and it will help you. That’s pretty much what we talked about.

Man this week has been a wet week meaning it has been pouring rain all week. The reason I said moist is because mom doesn't like the word. I won’t go day by day but I will tell of the experiences I had this week. I feel like it is boring reporting day by day, and besides nothing new has happened because I have been here for 3 and a half months. So our mission president has informed us that we are not allowed to teach a lesson without a member. Of course this doesn't mean that we can’t proselyte. It just means that if we can’t have a member teach with us all we are doing is just visiting people. I really like this rule because it will give the investigators a friend in the church so that they will be motivated to come and they won’t feel left out. 
Chi! (Nigerian word for Wow)  Our ward missionaries are champs honestly especially this one name Dorothy. She is a champ for sure. We need members right now. When we call Dorothy she drops whatever she is doing and she will come teach with us. Champ. 
So the wood carving guy came and I bought some more stuff, and I bought some African ties. Right now i am getting Kente which is an expensive African material. I don't know how to describe it.
So yesterday we had a funny experience. We had 2 FM's (free meal) and the first member fed us some rice and beans and some stew. We finished it like champs, taught a couple of lessons in between and then it was time for our evening FM. So we are sitting there all chill and they brought us out this mountain stacked 4 inches high and stew and Ferrin and I totally hammered it out and they took it as we were hungry and totally brought out another plate of rice and in Ghana if you don't finish the food you insult them so we were in a predicament. Ferrin took two bites and quit and so I had to finish this whole plate by myself. I took the challenge and I hammered down that plate of rice like a champ and saved the day. So the story doesn't end. As we walk out of the house we hear lightning and thunder and stuff and tell ourselves it’s not going to rain at all. Next thing you know we hear sprinkling and then boom in a blink of an eye it starts dumping rain. Now I’m not talking about the puny rainfall. I’m talking about the rain that hurt when it hits you and right now as I’m writing this it is doing the same thing haha. We were seeking cover at this lady’s provision shop. Bless her soul lol. These two random white men huddle under it and this rain was sideways rain. There was no point in hiding because we were still getting hit by rain. At this point we just walk in the pouring rain not even caring anymore. Our house is like 10 minutes away so literally we are walking in this river because the road gutters are overfilled. We got to that point where we were so wet we didn't even care anymore. When we get to our dirt road this is like a muddy river. I felt like a marine trying to step my way through this. It was hard haha but finally we made it home. At least we had light though. Ah the charm of Ghana :)

That's it for this week

Elder Dallin H. Oaks explained why we do missionary work

“We do not preach and teach in order to “bring people into the Church” or to increase the membership of the Church. We do not preach and teach just to persuade people to live better lives. We honor and appreciate the many ministers and others who are involved in the kind of ministry that makes bad men good and good men better. That is important, but we offer something more. One can qualify for the Terrestrial kingdom instead of the Telestial kingdom without the aid of this Church. We are concerned with a higher destination.

The purpose of our missionary work is to help the children of God fulfill a condition prescribed by our Savior and Redeemer. We preach and teach in order to baptize the children of God so that they can be saved in the celestial kingdom instead of being limited to a lesser kingdom. We do missionary work in order to baptize and confirm. That is the doctrinal basis of missionary work.

The restored gospel gives us added knowledge about Jesus Christ and His doctrine. But the uniqueness of our message is not just added knowledge. The requirement of baptism reminds us that the truths we teach are not academic. The restored gospel consists of doctrines and ordinances. We proclaim that baptism is necessary in order to redeem us from sins according to the conditions prescribed by the Redeemer and that only priesthood holders of this Church have the God-given authority that transforms the act of immersion in water into an ordinance of the everlasting gospel. Our preaching and teaching is unto baptism.” (Sep 2009 New Era)

I love all of you guys and keep you in my prayers. I am happy to be a missionary.


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