Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 16: Ginger Probs, Missionary Probs, and Book of Mormon Study

Questions for This Week:
1.       Are you feeling better?   Yes, I am feeling way better.
2.       When will your P-day be next week since Elder Rasband will be there? We are being asked to give up our P-day so no emailing next week I think.
3.       How was Samuel's baptism? It went the way a baptism should be.
4.       How are the two other investigators progressing? It’s been a struggle to meet with them but they’ve been coming to church and they will set a date.
5.       We noticed a lot out of your account. I know some was for medicine. What about the rest? I wanted it to be a surprise but I bought more wood carvings and pretty much I am sending everything home. Apparently the post offices are reliable and it is expensive. I think I’ll need more...
6.       Are the hymn books in Twi or English? Do you have the same hymns in your books as we have? The hymn books are in Twi. The people here can sing hymns in English just can’t speak very well.
7.       Have you gotten your bikes in working order yet? No. But we will soon. The district leaders carry money and will pay us back.
8.       What do you actually weigh?  Do they have a scale there that you've weighed yourself on?  I don’t know. Somewhere between 200 and 250.
9.       When is the next transfer?  Do you have any feelings about whether you'll stay or go on this next transfer? Transfer is in 3 weeks. I think Ferrin will leave and be a Zone Leader because one of them is going home. I am pretty sure I’ll stay.
10.   Have you heard of any parents coming out to pick up missionaries and to see things? Not at all
11.   Hoping for pictures... :-) Sorry no pictures this week and next week because maybe we will have to give up our P-day. But it will be a party in 2 weeks I promise. I’m not at the library btw....... it’s closed.

So I am actually not sure about this. But I may not be able to email next week. We haven't really received any conformation yet. I guess it will depend on what time we get back from the Elder Rasband talk. But send emails just in case. But don't expect an email. I don't know, maybe Tuesday of next week. But if they tell us to give up our P-day then I will.

I didn't do much. I was bored on Sunday night so that is when I did my emailing. I liked this because I had some good study time in the Book of Mormon. Once I finish the Book of Mormon, I will go and read the New Testament. Man I am really sad Peyton manning will retire. I don't think I will watch the NFL anymore honestly. I love the Book of Mormon. I am learning so much from reading it again.
Today was an effective day. I think we had a good weekly planning. President holds us to really high standards. It rained pretty hard this morning. That's why we partially decided to do a weekly planning. The amount of people we have to see is unreal. We have so many investigators right now. It is really stressing me out. But I think that's all part of the joy of the mission right? Getting farther and farther in the Book of Mormon marking scriptures and stuff along the way. I think right now I can pull out a verse from the Book of Mormon for just about anything. My teaching skills have sky rocketed because of my study. I’m going to be humble about it though. We know that the Nephites kept getting destroyed because of their pride. So I won’t be like that right now. I was trying to take picture of the bush by standing on a shrine but if you stand on a shrine in Ghana you need to take off your shoes and we kinda forgot. But people understand that we are white and might not understand some things. I got my hair relaxed today. Pretty much black girls do this to make their hair to be like white girl hair so when it gets put in white hair it gets super soft.

DCM as usual. I had a genius idea for a game to bring us together as a district, district spin the bottle. I know it sounds bad and it is not what you think it is. But every time the bottle lands on a person you have to say something nice about them. I felt like it was a good activity to do as a district and everyone loves it. We also did something else funny, district callings.

District Clerk- Elder Randall- temporal needs of district
District Activities Coordinator- Elder Barnes- in charge of planning stuff
District Missionary Advocate- Me- pretty much a counselor 
District Prez- Ferr Bear- district leader
Everyone who reads my blog, read the talk "Safety for theSoul" October 2009 by Elder Holland

I went on an overnight exchange with Elder Barnes. I did some things like pay their electric bill and other things. We taught amazing lessons together. We are a power companionship (not denouncing Ferr Bear at all). I bought more carvings to sent home. That package will be sent on Wednesday. I hope it gets there. People have been telling me that post offices are reliable here so i will trust it. But basically expect another surprise in the mail. Elder Barnes has told me that he has sent stuff home before. If they lose the package, they will give you your money back for everything. But they don't lose it so it’s okay.
We had a zone meeting in Kade. I got to see Elder Hunt again. We were both happy. We have sisters in our zone now. Yes they are African. I seriously did not know we had sisters at all in this mission. The roads to Kade were terrible and pretty much I was trotro sick going to and from Kade, not a pleasant time. I think literally I have met and talked to president like 6 times and by the way last week he visited our church. Maybe he likes the bush. It was a party at the meeting. The AP's, Prez, and both the senior couples, the Binghams and the Lathams paaaaarrrrrty. Of course it was light off. So we were trapped in the Kade chapel which is literally just a rented house no joke. But it was so hot and not enjoyable. Let me just say that sister missionaries are the most powerful missionaries ever. They make me feel so bad about the work I’m doing because they are having so much success. Everything is Gucci, Fam.

 We had a baptism for Samuel. This man was the happiest old man I have ever seen in my life. This is why I do missionary work because of how happy people get. The only difference about this one is that everything went smoothly and we even started on time. I figured out 5 minutes before I started that I needed to do the ordinance. So I had to get a baptismal robe and quickly get dressed. You wanna know why he wasn’t baptized last week (and I actually feel really bad about this....)? So too many Ghanaians have the same name. So literally last week when we were telling 'Samuel’ that the time was changed, we were talking to the wrong Samuel..... We didn’t even have his number saved. So I think we were freaking the other Samuel out because we have only taught him lesson 1 and he was confused about why we were telling him to be baptized even though we haven't talked about it to him yet.  The bad thing is, we went to his house and called him because he wasn’t there and his wife helped us talk to ‘Samuel’ on the phone and she was the one who told us it was the wrong one.... I feel really bad. I think God is in Heaven just face palming and asking why they put me and Ferrin together. But we explained the situation and all is well.

I finished Alma. I think I will finish the Book of Mormon in  2 weeks time. I’m still gaining a ton of knowledge from it. We taught our Branch President Lesson 2. It was a powerful lesson, I think that his family loves us because they invited us over for Family Home Evening on Monday.  Good Family Home Evening with Morrison and his family, a less active man. He even took us home in his fancy truck LOL. I was humbled a little bit today when light went off in the middle of my shower and had to finish my shower with a cup and a bucket of well water. But as soon as I was done, light came on. I was so mad haha. Good day though.

We went to this military base for this festival with some members trying to get them to like us even more by doing Ghanaian stuff. They really do take care of us. They fed us and kept us hydrated. I got a pretty bad sunburn. I have to take it easy.  Good thing I have aloe vera.

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