Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 13: Transfer News, Zone Training and More

Questions Answered:

1. Did you receive the envelopes yet?

Yes. I received 3 envelopes and a small box. I'm a little confused because in the small box it just has rechargeable batteries and a shaving brush. You guys spend a fortune sending me things. I'm so thankful for that and the elders around me are too :)

2. How do people dress there? What kind of things do they wear?

If old men are chiefs, they just wear like a sheet over the right shoulder and wrap themselves in it too. Older women just wrap themselves in sheets. Kids wear the same things little kids wear in America if they aren't going to school. Kids who go to school have uniforms. There are lots of bright colors and very neat designs everywhere.

3. I've seen pictures of women carrying water or other things on their head. Does that really happen there?

Everyone will carry stuff on their heads but it is very common for women to do it. They will carry whatever they can balance. It's crazy how they do it.

4. Who is getting transferred from your apartment? 

Elder Ferrin and I will stay together and Elder Hunt and Elder Perry leave. Two other elders will leave from the other apartment and we will inherit their areas, which means new elders won't be coming. We will have two of the 2 man apartments here in Oda--- a ton more responsibility for me.

5. We noticed you pulled out money. Is everything OK?

Yeah I bought a Bible and a Muslim praying mat for 45 Cedis that I will put in my future house because it's beautiful, and planning on putting Kente on the Bible I bought. Also I'm just having a hard time budgeting right now. I promise I will figure it out.

6. Is Edward still getting baptized on the 26th?

Yes for sure. He is very serious and I will be here to baptize him. I'm so excited. 

How We Make Banana Bread


Hello all,

First of all I want to say that I think I broke the record for most consecutive Valentines Days without a valentine. I am so proud of myself. I thought of something funny, I am going to email the mission president today and wish him a happy Presidents Day haha. Literally I was so tired this week. I think I could take a nap anywhere. I looked at a gutter pointed to it and said I could literally fall asleep in that thing right now. Man we have had too many encounters with drunk people and literally they will start talking about these random things to you and you just have to kinda say sorry we are on our way to this and walk away. This week we have had lights off more than I can even count I'm just so confused why we went from light on all the time to light off all the time, but that's the least of my worries right now. So Saturday we got our transfer news and let me tell you it was a shock to all of us. President shut down 11 areas and in Oda he shut down 2. In Oda we are going from 8 elders to 4 elders in all of Oda and our area tripled in size. Fortunately me and Ferrin are staying together and he will be district leader over the newly formed district. Unfortunately we will have a 2 man apartment which means twice the responsibility. Luckily the other guys updated their area books really well because Ferrin and I will be lost. I have pretty much figured out I will be in the bush for my whole mission and will never live to see the city haha. I feel sorry for Elder Hunt because he is going to one of the most, if not THE most, bushiest areas in the whole mission. It is the furthest village away from Accra. I'm definitely going to miss the elders. The elders that are leaving they are some good people and they will be successful wherever they go. I was going to tell a story about a game we played but I forgot so yeah. I'm running out of things to say that are new because I have been in the same area for months. Nothing is really new right now. Since this was a 4 week transfer it means the day we go home changes. I saw the dates and my MTC District goes home on October 31st for right now until we have another short transfer.


We had light off from like 6 pm until 12 am. Thank goodness we got to email before light went off (I said what we did last week). My little fan came in clutch for me. Good job Dad.

Asamankese Zone


Man the day was interesting. We ate at a chop bar for lunch, we taught a few lessons and in our area we have this Methodist book shop. They have some pretty interesting things in there. I found a King James version of the Old and New Testament. I plan on getting like a Kente case around it to protect it because it is a cool book. I am thinking I will buy a Bible from each area I serve in on my mission. I want to give some of these cool Bibles to people when I get home, especially for Seth who will be preparing to go serve a mission when I return. We went to the chapel today because we needed to take a bathroom break (perk of having the church in your area) and I found a 1996 Ensign. I'm definitely going to keep it because it is really cool. I found out last minute we were going to have a zone training Wednesday.

Tro Tro Party


I was struggling to get through the day because we woke up at 5:30 so that we could be in Asamankese by 8:30. It's always a struggle waiting for the tro to fill up because that's the only way you will leave unless you just pay for the empty seat and we weren't about to waste our money. Something funny happened--the power went out when we were singing the opening hymn. I guess we were pretty bad, and even better the generator wasn't working, oh the joys of Ghana! I was so happy when the Lathams brought the packages for the zone, it's kinda funny because Ferrin and I had half the zone's packages. I guess we are the most loved haha jk. When I get packages I believe in the Law of Consecration. I bought this Muslim praying mat because I thought it was a cool looking rug. i won't pray on it I promise, in case anyone was wondering! I picked up a Twi Book of Mormon that I'm going to keep. We met with Edward today and went over the baptismal questions because his baptism is coming up. He is definitely ready. I called Elder Smith from my MTC and he got so happy. We had a fun talk.

Ghana Traffic- The Struggle is Real


Day 2 of Zone Training. Although this time we woke up at 6:30 and I wasn't as tired this time. It's probably the fastest I have gotten ready in my life. lol. We almost left the other apartment because they were taking too long but all is well. We finally got to watch the mission broadcast that happened 2 weeks ago. The struggle is real here in Ghana lol. I took some really good notes, talked a lot about following the Spirit and how to get referrals an easier way, and how to better the work in your area. Also I got to meet with the mission president and his wife. I think good things are coming my way in the future. President told us that we should try to only teach lessons with a member present. He told us he will shut down 11 areas in the mission and 5 next transfer because of the missionaries going home and because of the Sierra Leone mission. Ebola is finally gone. (Bloomfield is going). I worked on the area book a bunch after we got home because of our news about the area.

Elder Ferrin and I


Well Ferrin and I started the day cleaning our area book and updating it to the fullest just in case we have new missionaries coming to the area to replace us. We are starting to clean the apartment. It's like the spring cleaning of Ghana for us I think and I absolutely dread it just like back home. I'm surprised how clean I have been keeping our room. Back home it was a mess honestly. Sorry mom. haha. We had a meeting and told our branch mission leader what is going on in the mission he was surprised. Pretty much I told him that the branches think that because they have 4 missionaries in the branch they don't need to do missionary work. So I explained how that would stop and that was by pulling out missionaries (prediction was right) so that they would rely on the branch. Like I think the branch thinks we are supermen. Like I'm pretty close, but I can't do everything!


Not much happened. We proselyted then came back for another dreadful time at the apartment-- spring clean session. We get transfer news today and I know for sure I am leaving (except he isn't). We had a huge feast with the other guys and played some games but the news didn't come (until 12 am) so the other guys went home at like 9:30. Ferrin and I will stay. I was mad when I heard this because I had already packed half of my things. I guess that's what i get for rushing myself. Elder Hunt is going to the bushiest place in the mission. Elder Perry is going to the city so they are going to be far from each other. Ferrin and I will be whitewashing their area which will be hard for us.

Took pictures
More meetings
Man being a missionary is hard.

Last District Picture

Clean. Clean and more clean
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