Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 5: Network is Terrible, Not Much Info, Transformation

Connectivity issues again.  No pics!  I'm beginning to think that pics will be rare.

He went to the temple this week.  He said that it was beautiful!

The branch has about 80 people in it.  Everyone is so friendly and loving,

He lives with another set of missionaries (one of which he got to know before and in the MTC).

It's so hot but this will be the coolest that it is all year. He says he feels gross all the time

He has a great companion.  He's happy in his apartment.  He hasn't seen any crazy bugs yet.

He's dropped about 20 pounds and is undergoing a huge transformation.

Lights are on all the time in this area.

He says we'll Skype on Friday.  We'll see!  At least I hope we'll see. :-)

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